The Trial Unit is responsible for preparing and trying a majority of the indicted c:ases in Camden County. In 2009 the unit handled 11,963 cases, or 83.7 percent of the indicted cases pending before Superior Court of Camden County and obtained 2,682 judgments of conviction. These 11,963 cases include those plead by the

Grand Jury through the Pre-Indictment Conference programs, __________________________________________________

as trial team prosecutors represent the state at sentencing. Also Trial Team Unit

included in the total case number are those admitted to Section Chief: Joel Aronow

Pre-Trial Intervention, cases dismissed upon recommendation Unit Commander: Sgt. Pete Slusser

by trial team assistant prosecutors and cases taken to trial __________________________________________________

by the unit. This number does not include the Violations of Probation prosecuted by the trial unit.

The unit is responsible for all cases indicted by the Grand Jury Section and most of the cases indicted by the Child Abuse Unit, Domestic Violence Unit and the Narcotics Unit, as well as many cases from the Major Crimes and Homicide units.


The Trial Unit represents the State in the majority of all criminal proceedings in Superior Court of Camden County, including pretrial motions, plea negotiations, trials, sentencings, post-trial motions, petitions and violations of probation. The unit also represents the State in the Superior Court, Appellate Division and in the Supreme Court on interlocutory appeals filed during trial. The unit conducts and directs investigations required for trial preparation.


The cases are divided among eight two-person trial teams that prepare the cases for trial and try them when necessary, and handle all post-indictment motions. Each team is responsible for all criminal matters before an assigned judge.

The unit is supervised by a Section Chief. The Section Chief handles complex cases, monitors trial attorneys performance and plea negotiations and provides legal and trial advice. The Section Chief also acts as liaison to the criminal division judges. The Section Chief routinely assumes the position of a trial team member when the unit is understaffed.

A Deputy Section Chief is a member of one of the trial teams and assists the Section Chief.


Typically, one trial investigator is assigned to each trial team. Additionally, a Unit Commander is assigned as investigative supervisor. Investigators ensure witnesses show up for court appearances, gather needed documents and physical evidence, maintain files and coordinate with the Victim-Witness Unit for pre-trial preparation. Pre-trial preparation also involves developing and gathering additional evidence, if necessary.


The support staff is responsible for the large volume of statements, correspondence, legal memoranda, briefs, subpoenas and writs the unit generates, as well as management of more than 10,000 files.

Gladys E. Rodriguez

First Assistant Prosecutor

Joshua M. Ottenberg

Deputy First Assistant Prosecutor

Thomas J. Garrity, Jr.

Chief of Investigators

Joseph Bowen

Deputy Chief of Investigators

Camden County Prosecutor's Office 25 North 5th Street Camden, New Jersey 08102 856-225-8400

the office of the

camden county prosecutor

Warren W. Faulk, PROSECUTOR

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Gladys E. Rodriguez

First Assistant Prosecutor

Mark Chase

Deputy First Assistant Prosecutor

Mark Nicholas

Acting Chief of Detectives