The Juvenile Unit of the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office handles all offenses committed by persons who have not yet reached their 18th birthday as of the date of the commission of the offense. Most of the unit’'s cases consist of charges filed by one of the local municipal police departments or by another unit of the Prosecutor'’s Office.

The primary responsibilities of the unit include ___________________________________________________

screening, investigating and prosecuting juvenile cases. Juvenile Unit

The secondary responsibilities of the unit include Section Chief: Timothy K. Chatten

responding to requests for assistance from local (856) 225-8419

municipal police departments, providing legal Unit Commander: Lt. Angel Nazario

advice, instruction and training to all members of (856) 225-8521

law enforcement who conduct business in the ___________________________________________________

county and educating the public on the juvenile

justice system.

The unit commander and section chief oversee all day-to-day functions of the unit. Together they are responsible for reviewing all policies, practices and procedures to ensure compliance with all applicable guidelines and to ensure best practices and optimum efficiency.

In addition to the unit commander and section chief, the unit is made up of four assistant prosecutors, four investigators, two clerical persons and a victim advocate


Assistant Prosecutors:

• Review cases for pretrial conference, detention hearings, probable cause hearings, disposition and trial.

• Appear in court for all juvenile proceedings.

• Defend against motions to suppress and motions to reveal surveillance locations.

• Revise original charges to place each case in the proper legal framework for court proceedings, including trial.

• Negotiate the resolution of cases.

• Handle juvenile appeals.

• Provide legal advice, instruction and training to law enforcement.

• Prepare and present motions, including motions for waiver to the adult court.

• Educate the public and victims of crime on the juvenile justice system and related issues.

• Teach at the count police academy.

• Conduct training sessions for police, fire departments and school personnel on juvenile issues.


• Screen cases to determine whether the case should be placed on the formal list or diverted to the informal list.

• Complete investigative tasks necessary to prepare a case for full prosecution.

• Locate witnesses and interview them. Obtain all reports, discovery and evidence for court proceedings.

• Apprehend juvenile fugitives, particularly escapees, parole and probation violators, and other serious offenders.

• Assist with Megan’s Law notifications.

• Teach at the county Police Academy.

• Guest lecture to the public and in schools on issues ranging from anti-bullying to internet safety to youth texting explicit pictures.

• Instruct members of law enforcement on juvenile procedures and updates.

• Work with local law enforcement to investigate and deter offense, giving special attention to school threats and violent offenses.

• Work on-call schedules so that a member of the investigative staff is on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Gladys E. Rodriguez

First Assistant Prosecutor

Mark Chase

Deputy First Assistant Prosecutor

Mark Nicholas

Acting Chief of Detectives

Camden County Prosecutor's Office 25 North 5th Street Camden, New Jersey 08102 856-225-8400

the office of the

camden county prosecutor

Warren W. Faulk, PROSECUTOR

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Gladys E. Rodriguez

First Assistant Prosecutor

Mark Chase

Deputy First Assistant Prosecutor

Mark Nicholas

Acting Chief of Detectives